Senator Susan Collins,

It is your duty as a senator to listen to and represent your constituents. By confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, you have largely failed your constituents, and therefore you have failed your job. In the past, you have voted against equal pay for women, you have voted to remove federal funding from sanctuary cities, you have voted to increase military spending, you have voted for a tax bill that essentially rips healthcare away from millions of people… And now, you are confirming a lying predator to the Supreme Court. Time and time again, you have failed to listen to your constituents and to do your job. You should not be in office.

No matter your motives for confirming Kavanaugh– you are harming women, survivors, and marginalized people everywhere and sending a message that we do not matter. It’s disgusting that you would confirm someone like Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court just to maintain your proximal power from association with powerful white men. It’s disgusting that you would confirm someone so terrible just for the sake of voting by party lines and furthering your political party. It’s disgusting that you would even dare to say that you believe that Ford was assaulted and that the #MeToo movement matters, yet you have the audacity to assert that Ford was confused and you don’t believe that Kavanaugh was the person who assaulted her (Ford said she was 100% certain under oath; meanwhile, information is coming out of the woodwork that point out Kavanaugh’s lies). You either believe and support survivors or you do not. We see you and we see through your lies; do not act like you support survivors while you do not believe us and instead empower predators.

You are on the wrong side of history; your actions are not dissimilar from those who supported slavery and those who opposed the civil rights movement. You are upholding rape culture. You are upholding white supremacy. And you are a downright liar for trying to pass as a moderate when you vote by party lines and ignore the concerns and wishes of your constituents.

You will be voted out of office. Or just do us all a favor and leave now.

Thanks for nothing,


PS- I also dedicate this letter to all white women who support Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

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