Call Them Out: Part One

Call Them Out was an interactive art installation featured in "In the forests: sexual violence and (y)our environment," a collaborative art show between feminist run New Fruit art collective and Hey Baby! Art Against Sexual Violence – Portland, ME – July 2017 Statement: “This ​piece ​is ​an ​invitation ​to ​explore ​strength ​through ​vulnerability. ​This ​calling … Continue reading Call Them Out: Part One

The Survivor Manifesto

Written in 2017, The Survivor Manifesto is an anthology, uplifting and honoring the voices of survivors of sexual violence. Here is a PDF of The Survivor Manifesto. The Survivor Manifesto is a call to action and an act of resistance to patriarchal oppression and rape culture.  It is the elephant in the room stomping its … Continue reading The Survivor Manifesto